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  1. Hey Niko! I first learned about you this morning via either Google or Yahoo news pages. Anyhow, I’m totally blown away by your writing. Given that you can use a letterboard and a tablet I’d think that you should be able to use a conventional computer keyboard. If you can take a touch typing class you’ll be able to type almost as fast as you think. I know it can be very frustrating to have thoughts come so fast and not be able to get them out fast enough! I used to stutter when I was a kid, and having rapid thoughts in succession was my problem. I was finally able to learn how to pace myself, but I also learned how to type. Typing allowed me to get the thoughts down concretely in a form I could save, rather than just have my thoughts go off into the ether.

    Oh, and as to my WordPress photo, which I admit is very odd; I was dressed as a pirate for a halloween party a bunch of us give for neighborhood kids every year. I was wearing red and just happened to be lit by a really ungodly blue light at the moment someone took my photo.

    To be honest I’m not sure how I can get return mail via my WordPress account, since I only use it for political rants in newspapers. If my WordPress response thing doesn’t work, my email is sfdavidkaye@yahoo.com. I used to live in Portland, where I once owned a restaurant and nightclub. But I’m back in SF these days.

    Best wishes to you.

    –david kaye


  2. Oh, one more thing: I have long done something I think you’ll understand, and it has driven my friends to distraction! Sometimes when I’m talking with someone I’ll notice a vertical line, such as the frame of a window or a telephone pole or a fence pole and I’ll tend to move my head to watch it line up with something else that’s also vertical. I just do it unconsciously and if I’m talking with someone they turn around, annoyed that I might be looking at someone else or distracted by something. I’m not distracted; I just happen to like seeing things line up. One thing I learned about all this is that builders are really expert at making things “true”, that is, truly horizontal and truly vertical. I can look at a pole about 20 feet away from me and line it up with the edge of a building across the street and they usually line up very accurately, even though they were put up by different people at different times. Heh…this is the first time I’ve ever mentioned this to anyone.

    –david kaye


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