Originally published in The Communicator, Volume 24, No. 1 – Winter 2018

What most people don’t know about me is that I have been actively writing my thoughts for as long as I can remember. Being non-verbal, I’ve had to develop a way to write down my thoughts and store them away until I had a means to communicate them. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I have tomes of thoughts stored away in my mind. The most frustrating thing, aside from not being able to communicate independently, is not having the means to share even one percent of my thoughts, because it takes so long to spell everything out with the letterboard.

You might think I should be grateful for the letterboard – and I am – but now I wish I had a way to get all these stories, histories, and opinions on paper. Were it available, I wouldn’t hesitate to have some type of technology implanted into my brain, because it would allow me to communicate as rapidly as NT’s do. The thing is, I don’t know if that technology is ever going to show up in my lifetime. But I waited thirteen years to finally be able to relay my thoughts – what’s thirteen more? Or twenty, for that matter. Because I now know that we nonspeaking autistics have to step up and reclaim our voices to keep others from taking them away from us. Yes, there are some who mean well – but until we, as a discriminated class, find the opportunity to share our experiences and claim our right to speak on our own behalf, nothing will change. You have to fight for that right, because no one is going to just give it to you without a fight.

My expertise in being autistic supersedes the voices of professionals, parents, researchers, and even other autistics who are verbal. There’s an intrinsic value in allowing us to speak on our own behalf, and we need to seize that powerful right back. Aiming for true inclusion is the goal and the purpose of my tapping out these words day after day. Also, it keeps my mind at ease to know that someday we will attain it.

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  1. Exactly right, Niko. Once again, you nailed it! The more of you who dare to share yourselves with the NT world, the louder your collective voice. And, those of us NT’s who already know your truth, are shouting right beside you. Keep it up! You’re a rockstar!

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  2. Niko, I hope your blog and this post in particular are seen by as many people as possible. I’m autistic too and find your blog to be one of the most important and personally meaningful ones I’ve stumbled across. Thanks for sharing your brilliance and experiences! I wish you an enjoyable ride as you accomplish everything on your awesome bucket list and go become the badass scientist this world needs. High five to you!

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