Disability Power PDX

Check me out! I’m going to be in Disability Power PDX. How about that? I spent yesterday laid up with the worst stomach ache I’ve ever had, and today I found out I was selected to be in a disability rights group. Life is funny.

I’m pretty excited to be a part of it because I think this is exactly the time for disabled people to voice their concerns. We are under assault for needing supports that allow us to be independent. We are needing to convince others that we should beĀ included in our communities. Not only are we having to take this advocacy to the streets, but we are having to take it to the courts, to the voting booth, and to the right people who will listen. I hope this advocacy will have the effect of bringing people together on issues of importance to people with disabilities, and not further divide us.


Oregonian Newsmaker of the Year Contest

My hope is that something will change in the area of autism awareness in Portland. That I’m done with the Odd Fellows contest, but there continues to be publicity from it, is mindboggling. I’m hopeful that it stays positive and changes what people think about autism.


All caps v lowercase

Nothing about me without me.

I appreciate that people read my blog, and if that means the font is in lowercase, I am fine with that. Not only do I want people to read it, I want them to share it so the world is a bit friendlier to autistics. You are right in thinking that all caps presents the most accurate picture of how my communication looks coming out, but that’s not a sword I want to fall on.