TASH Conference in December

From SLP Elizabeth Vosseller of Growing Kids Therapy Center:

Liam from Portland has an important announcement to make! Liam, Niko Boskovic, Ben, Emma, and Huan and I will be presenting at the TASH Conference in Portland in December! TASH is dedicated to the inclusion of all people with disabilities in education, work and community. The 6 of us will be presenting a panel breakout session entitled: Voices of Exclusion: Nonspeaking Youth Advocate for Inclusive Education. In addition, we submitted 4 other proposals to present and ALL were accepted! Ben, Emma and Huan will be giving a TASH Talk (think TED talk) and we also have a poster session on our short film, The Power of Words! I am SO PROUD of my kids – I can’t even stand it!‪#‎NonSpeakingDoesNotMeanNonThinking‬ ‪#‎InclusiveEducation‬ ‪#‎RPM‬

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